SSC high quality casting technology

When looking for optimal results, we’re persistent: different functions that previously had to be performed by multiple components can now be realised in a single cast part. Whether additional volume, mounting plates, or connection points for moving components. When designing and engineering cast parts, experience is the most important factor. Extensive knowledge of various casting materials and techniques is the prerequisite for our understanding of quality and the reliability of casting suppliers. Our long-standing customers benefit from all of these.

Your advantages

  • Experience in designing and engineering cast parts
  • Technical knowledge about different casting materials and casting techniques
  • Reliability of casting suppliers
  • Cost-efficient manufacturing process
  • Outstanding material properties
  • Extreme corrosion resistance
  • High strength and strain at fracture with excellent elongation values


Lighter, more resilient, less expensive. These are the decisive criteria for success in rail vehicle construction.
SSC cast parts made of metal fulfil these requirements and satisfy diverse customer requirements.

Our developments have been implemented in well-known projects.
They have now been tried and tested, with excellent results.


New manufacturing technologies and a broad spectrum of materials offer the potential to decrease the weight of parts. Whether sand casting, precision casting, gravity die casting, or pressure casting: It’s possible to reduce weight by as much as 10 %.

At SSC, materials are selected through computer-supported structure and weight optimisation. This allows the geometry of the available construction space to be determined, as well as the profile of requirements for the material. However, the decisive factor is the experience that our casting experts bring to finding solutions.

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